Fake News On School Shootings

…via Freedom Toons:

Some information shared in this brief political cartoon worth highlighting:

Democrats, progressives, and other gun control advocates regularly claim there were over 240 incidents of school shootings this year. They did the same thing in 2017 and 2016. But as shown above, that number includes a man going to a deserted school parking lot at night and shooting himself, no children or other adults present at the time. And though it’s not mentioned in the toon, I recall those statistics also including incidents like a stray shot fired from somewhere (no one knew where it came from) and going through a school window. Why is that counted?

According to the data these studies use, any discharge of a weapon counts as a “school shooting”, which anti-gun activists then purposely conflate with “mass shootings” even though the vast majority of the 240 incidents didn’t even involve injuries, let alone deaths. Most of the incidents in any of these “studies” touting “hundreds” of school shootings per year consists of similar incidents, dishonestly embellished and used to inflate the number to make it sound like an epidemic problem. It’s not, but Democrats want to make it seem like it is. Fact of the matter is, the distance between that figure of 240 and the reality is mind blowing: 11 deaths for the year of 2018, and over the past 25 years on average the number is 10 per year. Is that bad? Yes. Too high? I think we can all agree even 1 kid dying is too many. But let’s put this in perspective.

In the cartoon it’s pointed out, over that same time period an average of 73 kids have died from choking on food and an average of 100 have died yearly from bicycle accidents. In other words kids are more far more likely to choke to death on their own food than to be killed in a school shooting. Gun control advocates say it’s “out of control” and act like it’s a widespread, common occurrence, but it only seems that way because they’re actively trying to make it seem that way.

I’m not saying it’s not a problem that an average of 10 kids a year die in school shootings, but I am saying that in 2018 about 56.6 million students will have attended elementary and secondary schools. Out of those tens of millions, only 11 have died in school shootings this year. And if you want that small number to be even smaller here’s what you do: arm the motherfucking teachers. Require them to undergo training for firearm safety, require them to be trained in the use of firearms, and require them to meet the qualifications for concealed carry.

Then let’s see how many shootings we have. I’m betting if we did that and ensured schools were no longer “gun free zones” it’d be very nearly zero. Imho the solution is more guns, not less.

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