Kevin McCarthy Wins ‘Minority Leader’ Seat In The House Of Representatives

…via Lifezette:

McCarthy began bidding for the seat when his party lost the majority. He was the expected person to win but still faced a notable challenge by Freedom Caucus member Jim Jordan.

House Republicans voted 159 to 43 for him during a closed meeting.

Speaker Paul Ryan (R-Wis.) opened the door for a possible replacement when he announced he wasn’t going to run again on April 11.

McCarthy will be officially replacing him when the new Congress starts in January.

Kevin McCarthy is a puppet who’s only saving grace (for the time being) is that he’s mostly been made into Trump’s puppet, and he’s an effective politicians. I prefer Jim Jordan because he’s naturally aligned with Trump, on the basis of his own values and policy positions, he would be the same and act the same with or without Trump in the game, but… with Democrats technically being in control there, the House is going to be an absolute shit show for the next 2 years. Given that I’d actually rather have McCarthy take the hits and deal with that shit.

We can push to retake the House in 2020 and, if successful, can actively back Jordan for the leadership position in a more serious bid. In the meantime he can work on following up with existing House investigations into various Democrats, and into the various facets of corruption attached to the Clintons (Clinton Foundation, Uranium One pay-offs, illegal E-mail server, mishandling of classified information, etc.), and leave the spotlight and and “leader” status to McCarthy, the establishment shill Trump’s currently got twisted around his finger. Being party leader in the House doesn’t mean a whole hell of a lot when your party’s in the minority.

I’m sure McCarthy’s intention is to use his time as minority leader to build support for the Speakership if we manage to take it back in 2020 but, while he talks a good game and gives lip service to several key policies of the Trump administration, he’s doing it to remain in the good graces of the President. His track record previous to that seems better than it actually is too; several of his political stands have been to remain in the good graces of establishment figures behind the scenes. There’s a reason he has so many “friends” in Congress. Still, that said…

There are some positives from his career so far worth highlighting, via Lifezette:

He will also be coming in with an extensive congressional background dating back to 2006.

McCarthy has served in a leadership position for most of that time, including as chief deputy whip, majority whip and majority leader. He has tackled issues such as immigration, health care and technology.

He has also opposed many progressive environmental regulations over the years. Additionally, he was an early supporter of President Donald Trump back during his 2016 campaign.

McCarthy was highly critical of a program from the Obama administration to lower the carbon dioxide emitted by power generators known as the Clean Power Plan. He led efforts to use the Congressional Review Act to reverse numerous environmental regulations in 2017.

He was also at the forefront of trying to repeal the  Affordable Care Act in 2017.

It’s not all bad, but not all that great either if you actually dig into any of those.

Notice that on all counts (immigration, healthcare, technology, etc.) the GOP has a long trail of failures, unable to actually achieved tangible results over the many years McCarthy has been in play. He showboated on the basis of these issues but never really accomplished much of anything. Our immigration laws are still a mess, Republicans shockingly failed to repeal and replace Obamacare in 2016 and 2017, and nothing as of yet has been done to curb the rampant censorship and suppression practices of Facebook, Twitter, Google, or companies like them.

Jim Jordan, on the other hand, is actually working to do what Republicans said they would when they campaigned in 2016. He’s actively tried to keep all of his campaign promises, and while Trump is clearly a fan and happy with his work, keeping Trump happy isn’t why he’s doing it. It’s not the driving force behind his actions. He’s insisted continuously since 2016 that Republicans should keep their promises and do what they said they would because those are the promises their constituents voted for. It’s what brought them victory 2 years ago.

McCarthy is corruptible and untrustworthy, the type to stab Trump in the back the second he thinks there’s more to gain by doing that than by remaining loyal. When the political winds change, so might he. But Jordan will stand on principle, and on the campaign promises he and the other members of the Freedom Caucus have made to voters, regardless of where the wind blows. The new minority leader will do for now, and can act as a target for Democrats while Jordan works in a more “behind the scenes” capacity. By the time we get to 2020 we’ll see if McCarthy’s even managed to survive the onslaught of ‘search and destroy’ tactics, character assassination, and insinuations of racism Democrats are sure to throw his way.

If he withstands it, removing him will be left to us; if he doesn’t, Democrats will have done the work of wearing him down, damaging his reputation, and eroding his support for us, and it’ll be that much easier to position Jordan as leader of the GOP in our House of Representatives.

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