Review – Hillary (Hulu Original)

Modern Republican

I was kind of shocked to even learn of the existence of this before it was released, then ended up getting Hulu and decided to start watching.

The very idea of a failed presidential candidate like her, defeated and disgraced (she didn’t just lose, she lost badly, pompously acted like it was in the bag, then got egg on her face) is kind of sad.

Only thing I can figure is, she refuses to allow that huge, massive, gaping failure be the defining event of her life story. Doesn’t want that to be the end, the legacy she leaves.

I get that. I mean she’s one of the most successfully corrupt politicians in American history, but she’s still human. Problem is, a documentary recounting the whole experience isn’t likely to be strong enough to overshadow what really happened, nor is going over the loss yet again (e.g. looks behind the…

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