The “Truth” About The Two Parties

Modern Republican

Just had a Democrat berate me about “the truth” about Trump.

My Re: was as follows…

What ‘truth’ do you think you’re going to reveal to me that 5 solid years of keeping track of everything going on, researching everything as I go every step of the way hasn’t already revealed to me? In 2015 I was a Democrat, I assessed everybody on both sides, and was disgusted with most of the candidates and mildly intrigued by Trump when he first announced. What really caught my attention early was the media reaction to him, smearing him as a racist when his speech was clearly being misrepresented. From there on out I’ve been researching, cross-checking, and questioning everything as I go. And doing that, thinking through all of it myself, and coming to my own conclusions… led me to backing and supporting Donald Trump.

See, the truth about Trump is he…

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