Antrim County, MI – Forensics Report

Modern Republican

A lawsuit filed in November 2020 by Bill Bailey led to the forensic examination of dominion voting machines on the basis of mysterious “vote flipping” on the night of and morning after election day; state and county officials assert the flips were due to human error. The forensic report directly contradicts that. And though Jocelyn Benson, Gretchen Whitmer and others have actively worked to discredit the cyber security firm that conducted the audit (a full blown forensic analysis) the facts of the report remain standing.

The smears against the firm that produced this report are easily debunked so maybe I’ll spend some time doing that in the near future. In the meantime feel free to read through their findings. ☝🐸

Secretary of State Benson initially blocked release to the public under her authority as a state official. Her gag order…

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