The “Criminal Probe” Into Trump Will Inevitably Backfire

Modern Republican

In Bloomberg ‘News’, May 20th…

“New York AG Letitia James is playing major league poker with former president Donald Trump — and she just raised the stakes. The AG’s office announced its civil investigation of the Trump Organization for filing false tax returns has now become an active criminal investigation. In response, Trump issued a 900-word statement denouncing the investigation as politically motivated.

Trump despisers may be tempted to take some heart from the news of the investigation, which will proceed alongside the until-now separate criminal investigation being conducted by the district attorney of New York County, Cyrus Vance Jr. But this is a high-risk move by James. Trump’s opponents would do well to remember the sizable risk that would come with prosecuting the one-term president:

He could be acquitted. And if that happened, Trump could use the bounce-back as a highly effective tool to support a presidential bid in…

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