Salty Cracker: Lefty Arrested For Attacking Madlad Who Flew Giant ‘Trump Won’ Flag

Modern Republican

Salty Cracker re: one of the more recent (and thankfully minor) attacks against Trump supporters ⚾, June 1st

A few other patriots worth remembering: Bernell Trammell, Ashli Babbit, David Dorn, and Arron Danielson. Look those up, different circumstances surrounding each of their deaths, but all a direct consequence of modern Democrat ideology, tactics, and actions.

Honorable mention for Rand Paul and Steve Scalise, both were among the Republicans a Democrat tried to assassinate on a baseball field a few short years ago, and both are still fighting; bonus points to Paul for surviving an attack at his home (hospitalized, even lost half a lung) and several on the streets.

That is a modern Republican.

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