Steve Bannon: BIG Development Imminent Re: AZ, Next Few Days

Modern Republican

Bannon with Sydney Powell re: her involvement in AZ and how important it is to kickstart audits in other disputed states, June 30th

Nothing new on Arizona itself from them in this clip, but there’ve been new developments as promised, with more to come. You can either check War Room (and other sources) yourself for some of the more recent news, or you can wait for more highlights here; your call.

Even if you lean on me, I still suggest looking into it on your own. 😀 A hairs breadth away from getting audits in other states imho, just a few assholes still in the way.

I’ll compile and list their names and social media accounts for ya, per state, in case anyone wants to go tell them how you feel about that.

Haven’t gotten around to it yet.


Btw, whether it’s highlights like this or remarks of…

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