Existing Treatments For Covid 19 Nullify Vaccine ‘Emergency Use’ Authorization

Modern Republican

Ivory Hecker shared Can You Say ‘Ivermectin’ In The USA? on Facebook, July 5th…

If you skip to 16:43 in the interview, you get to the crux of the matter.Hecker explains there why was this information was omitted from 1,639 of the 1,640 interviews Varon has given.It’s simple: “If there was a successful treatment protocol for COVID, by law the emergency use authorization for the vaccines would be disallowed.”

Think about that: to obtain emergency use authorization for the vaccine, there couldn’t be an effective treatment for COVID.This basically means the vaccine would have been delayed by more trials.Or the rules could have been changed so that you could treat people effectivelyandallow the vaccine authorization.

I’ve questioned this lack of early treatment, and the denial of life-saving drugs, every time I’ve written on this subject.(If you look atmy archivesonAmerican Thinker, there are a good half-dozen articles…

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