Mike Lindell Joins #InfoWars To Expose What Really Happened At The Symposium

Modern Republican

Lindell talks with Alex Jones re: the Cyber Symposium and breaks down the many attempts to smear, sabotage, and discredit the 3 day conference, which showcased objective, irrefutable proof of massive, systemic election fraud on several levels and several forms, at multiple stages of the voting process, August 19th

All 50 states were represented there.

Cyber security experts failed to discredit ANY of the data.

Aside from Josh Merritt, who Mike Lindell talk about specifically himself, there are only two “experts” who claim it’s not what Mike says it is. They’re hacks, feel free to look into each of them.

Bill Alderson, who played neutral when he arrived at the event then immediately attempted to discredit the data, and Harri Hursti, who we already know tried to defraud the people of New Hampshire with a rigged “audit” of the 2020 election. Either can collect the $5 million but strangely…

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