Flyover Conservatives: Arizona Audit Update – Part 3

Modern Republican

Colonel Phil WaldronjoinsFlyover Conservativesto discuss the audit results and what comes next,September 30th


“Cyber Security expert Colonel Phil Waldron gives us the full update on the AZ Audit. Colonel James P. (Phil) Waldron, USA (retired), served in the United States Army for 30 years, and is a decorated combat veteran.

He has extensive operational experience in Surveillance and Reconnaissance; Strategic Communications; Joint Information Operations; Special Technical Operations; Cyber/Computer Network Operations; OPSEC; All-Source Intelligence Analysis; Unconventional Warfare; and Operations Integration.

Starting hiscareer as an Air Cavalry Officer and completing his career as aJoint Operations Officer, Col. Waldron has commanded, operated and led from the tactical tostrategic levels, and has extensive experience in the Middle-East and Afghanistan.”

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