Cut The Crap – Startling Maricopa Numbers, The MI Mockery + Texas Does A Belly Flop

Modern Republican

Jovan Hutton Pultizer delves into known info and developments in Arizona, Michigan, and Texas re: the push to audit 2020 every state, regardless of who is believed to have won, October 10th

We want the goddamn truth.

Audits in every state.

Just cuz we overcame fraud in Texas, Florida, and other red states doesn’t mean they didn’t try.

And if Democrats in your family or your circle of friends have a problem with that ask them ‘what if you’ve been right about Trump this whole time and he was the one cheating, wouldn’t you want to find out?… and shouldn’t Biden want to expose him since Dems have been calling him a cheat for 5+ years…?’

People on the normie level are starting to get it, Biden cheated in 2020, if he has any hope of convincing them otherwise and beating people like me he has to prove…

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