The Quartering Claims Ian Miles Cheong Is A Dirty, Rotten Grifter

Modern Republican

Jeremy (The Quartering) re: Ian Miles Cheong, July 5th

I follow the guy on Twitter and in fact just did the other day what Jeremy is complaining about: embedded one of Ian’s tweets in a highlight here.

Not going to stop following him just cuz Jeremy doesn’t like him, and I have zero shame putting his tweets up here whenever he says something I feel is worth highlighting, and I also don’t support cherry picking the worst things you can about somebody to forever brands them as lesser.

That said he clearly did some rotten shit, and I have no reason to even attempt defending any of it, but who hasn’t? Cherry pick the worst shit I’ve ever done, then put out a few presentations laying it out to the public and I might look kind of bad too – same is true of everyone.


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