AZ Truth Tellers Town Hall – Election Fraud Exposed (Pt. 3)

Modern Republican

Citizens in AZ organized byGail Golec,Jason Funesand other activists on the ground came together on Nov 7th to hold a town hall showcasing and linking eyewitness testimony of from several firsthand witnesses of election fraud in AZ’s 2020 election.

This town hall features people who volunteered as poll workers during the election, who volunteered to count or watch as the vote was tallied and fraudulently recounted in the weeks that followed, volunteers who worked the audit in Maricopa, and others – part 3 was published December 5th


“On November 7, 2021, the first of it’s kind Truth Tellers Town Hall came to be; a platform for everyday Americans to have their say and share what they saw during the 2020 general election cycle.

Follow on Rumble to tune in to the3 Part Serieswith the complete 4 hours of testimonies, that will be…

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